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Electronic Touch pad Door Lever Lock Set gives you keyless security . . . in solid brass! Forget fiddling with keys! Just enter your 2- to 8-digit personal security code on the glow-inthe- dark keypad and you’re in! Touch pad Electronic Lock Set allows quick, simple, keyless entry, and accepts up to six different codes!


From complex security installations to simple home application systems, we have the entire range. Know who is at your gate or door before opening from the comfort of your couch or bedroom, study, or business offices, then decide if to let them in or not.


Vehicle access control barriers secure your perimeter by creating a single access point. The Barriers are a visible sign that you are taking a proactive approach to your security, as they allow guards to conduct searches. They represent a physical line that cannot be crossed without authorization, and reduce traffic speed and density.

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POWERFENCE SECURITY SYSTEMS LIMITED commenced business in the year 2005. It was established to fill a gap in the market for installation of high quality security products. The drive is to strive for exceptional quality at competitive prices. Since inception, POWERFENCE has successfully fitted numerous security systems for many highly satisfied customers. In addition to installations, we are also offer maintenance contracts and carry out repairs or major rehabilitations to existing installations